Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Stay Relevant and Establish Brand Awareness with Social Media Marketing

In order to stay relevant as a brand, it’s vital to invest some time and energy into social media marketing. However, it’s rarely as simple as setting up an account and curating content. If you’re trying to reach a potential Chinese-speaking market, Explorer Group Canada can help you with a variety of social media marketing services. Our team takes on the task of translating content, engaging with your target market, and developing new ways to connect with Chinese users.

Why Choose Us

Outsourced Social Media Marketing Starts With a Strong, Established Base

Multi-Channel Social Media Marketing

We use a wide range of media tools for our social media marketing service. These include Wechat, Weibo, Wechat moment, Wechat Groups, Douyin, Tik Tok, KakaoTalk, Facebook, Twitter,  Instagram, and more.

Established Chinese Userbase

At Explorer Group Canada, we have our own Chinese platforms with more than 300,000 existing active Chinese followers. Our team works diligently to connect with and educate local Chinese consumers and Chinese travelers on how to invest their money and enjoy better lifestyles in the United States.

Creating a Solid Foundation for Brand Presence

We use multicultural and multilingual social media tools to create a solid social foundation for your brand. We’ll take on the task of translating your content, setting up your accounts, and building steady relationships with your potential Chinese customer base to help shape the ideal image of your company.

What we do

We specialise in translating news, events, discounts, sales, and more with marketing through social media conglomerates. We use well-known platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, but also penetrate the Asian market by using Chinese social media channels. These channels are lesser known by western marketing firms, but this is where we give you an advantage. Reaching top buyers in the Asian market can drastically increase the revenue of established companies, but without proper media outlets and persuasive translation, attempts often fall short. Explorer Group bridges the communication gap and uses digital marketing to ensure our clients have sales that reach the highest potential. A partnership with Explorer Group is a partnership with success.


As the world’s largest standalone mobile app as of 2018, with over 1 billion active users, WeChat has been recognized as China’s “Super App” because of its wide range of functions. WeChat is the main communication tool for our target demographic in the Chinese market, including those within the US and Canada. In fact, more than half of Chinese users in the US speak Chinese predominantly.

Xiao Hong Shu

After its launch in 2013 Xia Hung Shu (also known as RED) gained over 300 million active users by 2019. Predominantly used for short videos and photos for travelers and lifestyle blogs, product reviews and personal posts are also a main fixture of Xia Hung Shu. International product sales are conducted through RED Mall, a sister app to Xia Hung Shu.


As the original TikTok, Douyin is a video social networking application that is used to create lip-syncing, comedy, and talent videos. In combination with TikTok, globally there were 1 billion downloads in 2019 of these sister apps. Surpassing WeChat in popularity, this platform is essential to reaching the Asian market.


Launched in 2009 this microblogging application is one of the largest social media platforms in China. Over 445 million active users monthly as of 2018, this app is one of the best to target Chinese international students and travelers.


Sister application to Douyin, TikTok has had wild success globally and reaches 800 million active users worldwide. Users create 15-second videos lip-syncing or clipping together music and video. China accounts for 8 of every 10 minutes of clips viewed on TikTok.


This free mobile messaging app for smartphones had over 220 million registered users by 2017 and is considered the number one messaging app in South Korea. Used for a variety of services such as messaging, mobile gaming, gifting, and payments. 93% of smartphone users in South Korea actively use KaKaoTalk.

Our Platforms

By using a wide variety of social media tools to reach a larger audience with your business’s products and services, we establish you as a trustworthy company that is well respected. Your business will suddenly be more prominent with our marketing strategies and become a recognizable brand within Asian culture. By using these top social media platforms, we give you visibility, brand recognition, and the opportunity to promote your product during Chinese holiday celebrations.


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